Steward / NOIRLab Galaxy Group

Galaxy Group brings together people at Steward and NOIRLab broadly interested in galaxies, from galactic structure to extragalactic astronomy to cosmology. Talks about any aspect of interest to this audience are welcome. If you interested in giving a talk please email Ben Weiner, bjw at, and Yujing Qin, qinyj at

Galaxy Group for the 2022 Fall semester will host a combination of in-person and virtual talks in a Steward zoom room, depending on circumstances. Speakers from outside Arizona are welcome and can present remote talks. The regular time is on alternate Mondays at 12-1 pm MST. Changes to the schedule may happen occasionally to accommodate speaker schedules, especially those in other time zones. Talks are every 2nd week, occasionally with talks in the "off" weeks as well.

The aim is to provide a low key environment for people to discuss work in progress. We can have one or two speakers per day, and talks should be 20-25 minutes long to allow time for questions during and after the talk. Speakers are strongly urged to present work in a less formal manner to encourage more discussion and interaction with the audience. Work in progress and talks that have a list of open questions are encouraged, as are reports from conferences, etc.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Date Speaker Discussion Topic
Tues Sept 6, 1 pm MST Samuel Lai (ANU) Characterising High-redshift Black Holes and their Environments
Room N305, 1 pm, SPECIAL DAY AND TIME ...
Mon Sept 26, 12 pm MST Koki Kakiichi (UCSB), N305 Cosmography in the era of JWST: IGM tomography with Subaru/HSC
... ...
Oct 10 Keunho Kim (U. Cincinnati), N305 Environmental quenching in high-redshift clusters, and extreme properties of ionizing photon leaking region for the early universe
... ...
Oct 24 Haowen Zhang (Steward), N305 Self-consistent dark matter halo-galaxy-supermassive black hole connection from z=0-10, and predictions on high-z quasars in the JWST era
Aritra Ghosh (Yale U.) Estimating Galaxy Morphological Parameters for ~8 Million Galaxies in the Hyper Suprime-Cam Wide Survey using Bayesian Machine Learning
Nov 7 Aaron Yung (NASA/GSFC), N305 The future of Semi-analytic forecasts -- Interpretation of JWST galaxies and predictions for wide-field survey telescopes
Xihan Ji (U. Kentucky) Deciphering the imprint of stellar feedback in HII regions with nebular diagnostics
Nov 14 Xuheng Ding (IPMU, Tokyo), room 550 Opening the era of quasar host studies at high redshift with JWST
Lilan Yang (IPMU, Tokyo) The first rest-frame optical size–luminosity relation of galaxies at z >7
Nov 21 Fan Zou (Penn State), remote/Zoom Identification and Characterization of a Large Sample of Distant Active Dwarf Galaxies in XMM-SERVS
... ...
Dec 5 Xiurui Zhao (CfA), N305 Active Galactic Nuclei in NuSTAR Era
Jianwei Lyu (Steward) Understanding the AGN polar dust emission from both resolved and unresolved observations

Previous Galaxy Group Schedules

Please contact Benjamin Weiner (bjw at and Yujing Qin, qinyj at, to sign up for a talk.

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